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aches and pains

Graham & Brenda

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When I'm looking at French-related - or other - sites on the internet I find it useful to have an online dictionary open in a separate window. I use www.wordreference.com which offers colloquial and compound forms as well as direct translations. With this I can look up unfamiliar words as I go along  (and God knows, there's a hell of a lot of those).

Try this Grs for your aches and pains and good luck.

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You might also try

http://www.lexilogos.com/french_language_dictionary.htm. This is a

portal which allows you to type in a French or English word, then

select one of a range of online databases (wordreference is one) to

access various translations. I've found that wordreference is the most

comprehensive, but it does have some gaps. Also it can sometimes be

useful to look up a word or expression on more than one site to get a

better feel for its usage and connotations.


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