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Linguistic protectionism

Rob G

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Just wondered whether anyone had read or heard about Chirac's latest ridiculous attempt to stand firm against the raging onslaught of English? You can read the story here.

I am passionate about the French language, and can even understand up to a point why the French might be nervous about its continued erosion by the dominance of English. But I cannot see how someone in Chirac's position can possibly think this kind of churlish behaviour is in any way helpful.


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I think the battle is already lost. Everytime I do business in German or Italien I find I trying to remember or guess the word only to discover they have already grabbed it from English. Very cold November in Essen ten years ago spent three minutes trying for Classic Car Show before dragging out 'OldTimer'  they had a Scandinavien night at the hotel that weekend.Worked through 5 langauges before discovering Rhindeer =  Bambi .  Isabel almost disappereared to watch the Chipendales during une soiree de strip.
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