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Hi everyone!

My name is Emma I have lived in France since I was 6 weeks old so needless to say my French is fluent!

My mum found it really hard settling in France back in 1975! Language barrier, cultural differences etc.. She was a stay at home mum and my dad worked all hours so I guess she was a little lonely

I saw my mum struggle with the language for years.... of course when you don't speak the lingo it’s hard to make friends and if you don’t have friends to talk to - how DO you learn the language??

Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of posts of people asking language questions, looking for French speakers to help etc…

I’d like to offer my help: translations, chatting via email to improve your French, help with French paperwork etc… This is something I grew up doing for my mum and I am sure she would have loved to find someone to help out back then!

Good luck to all of you and Welcome to France!!!!


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