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My dear Forum, as I am not allowed to post this in more than one place I have changed this version.

Why is it that we can not use words that are in common French usage and are NOT accepted as being rude in any way. I speak of nothing other than the word M.E.R.D.E. which if I smelled out correctly your system would blank it, not even using the correct number of *****s.

Your magazines France, Living France and French Property News all advertise the book of this name for sale. How come it isn't also blanked out? We bought the book 'Merde' from you and now the updated version is, I believe 'The Complete Merde' is for sale!!!!!

Please use one set of rules for all.


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It is funny which words are selected to be blanked by the software.  I expect it is automated rather than selected for exclusion by the management.  I don't know, can the software be over-ridden for such everyday and mild words as that?  It doesn't like pussy either, which I used in a perfectly innocent post the other day relating to Mrs Slocombe's cat.

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