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Wallis and Fortuna


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I had no idea that the letter 'w' was introduced into the French language.  Have a look in a French dictionary and all the words there are American ones.

I play a geography game with children (I teach part time) where you name a country beginning with each letter of the alphabet.  W is difficult as Wales does not translate into French beginning with a W.

Wallis and Fortuna is what the French childen come up with.  No British children have ever mentioned these islands.  It's funny that they are not in the ether of British brains but are engrained into French brains...

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Because Wallis & Fortuna are part of the French Dom-Tom, therefore part of the geography curriculum in French school.

I remember my primary school teacher showing us the extent of these Départements et Territoires d'Outre-Mer.

I was fascinated that people lost on small islands in the Pacific, the other side of the Earth from my village actually had a connection with France.
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