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Archos and learning french


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Great learning aide.  I bought an Archos 4100 pocket sized recording device (Try Ebay).  Allows me to record direct from video and sky tv.  Fits in pocket, headphones the lot.  I now record TV5 (the french channel) and listen several times a day.  Have found my comprehension of the french language at normal everyday speaking speeds is improving rapidly.  In terms of learning french, i think this may be the best money i have spent.  Probably not for everyone, but if you are like me, and hit the wall a little with your studies, a change of learning media might be the answer.  For the first time in a long time, i actually feel that i am going to get there in the end.

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I definitely agree about a range of learning media at your disposal, especially if the language itself is not your passion, but you have to learn it.

This is a very useful gadget you have described - I'll have to remember that for my up and coming book on learning languages. Ipods are also useful. I think the main thing to keep the momentum going and to help avoid the boredom some people face when learning languages is to change your approach as soon as you feel youa re getting bogged down and stale. For example, you don't have to stick to the text book all the time, although I do recommend that you keep coming back to it in between your deviations, revise the sections previously covered, do some more, and when you feel bored again, switch to, a DVD for example, or a computer program, a children's book, or even a popular song.

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