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How is the best way to tell someone they have the wrong phone number?


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We get far too many phone calls asking for completely random people.  With no time to prepare what I'm going to say(!) I normally fumble my way through and usually come out with some mumbled drivel about them not living here.  What's the correct 'French' thing to say to tell them they have called the wrong number?



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1) Vous avez un mauvais numéro (you have the wrong number)

Their likely response is to ask what your number is, to which you could say

2) Quel numéro avez-vous appelé? (what number did you call?)

They should then tell you the number they think they've called, then you repeat 1)


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La personne qui appelle : Je voudrais parler à Madame B.?...    ou : Je voudrais parler à Monsieur B.?...

Moi : Ah oui! Vraiment désolée. Madame B. (ou Monsieur B.) a déménagé!....    [:-))]

Voilà! Problème règlé...[:D]


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[quote user="TWINKLE"]

This is what the French say:

"Vous vous etes trompé de numero monsieur/madame"[/quote]

I nearly said this, but thought it might be some mad regional thing, so kept quiet. I'm such a coward.

I heard my neighbour say it to someone when I was in her kitchen one day, not long after we got here, and asked her about it (it was so obvious it was a wrong number).

I don't know why other things don't 'go in' as easily as this one.

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