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No question: given the choice between "sad" or "what" I choose sad. Unfortunately, my instant recall of the programme in question is a product of a phenomenon called "maternity leave". Rushing home with the pram to watch the same episode of Neighbours at 5.30 that you've already seen at 1.30, daytime TV generally and "Going for Gold" in particular......all these are nature's way of saying "It's time you went back to work".........................
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Thanks for those replies. I do remember "Going for Gold" (I too have been on maternity leave and my god what a boring show that one was!!!), but I don't think that's the one.

I had a look at the Questions pour un champion website, and I do recognise the format of the show. It's the one where there are two contestants, and they have to answer a question in 40 seconds. If they get it in the first 10 seconds they get 4 points, in the next 10 3 points, then 2 points and 1 point.  You can watch a video of the show to see what I mean:


I know that I have quite recently seen the same show, yes on daytime TV, and no I have never actually sat down and watched it (honestly!).

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it says on my link above

Based on the French show Questions pour un Champion,

Also a news release by Pearson TV (Same group as the Financial Times!) says

In France, Questions Pour Un Champion (Going For Gold) is in its ninth year, and is still the highest rated show in peak times.

And that was back in1997.........................

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Yes, there's no doubt in my mind that they're one and the same........I have to say, when I first saw "Questions pour un Champion" I had horrible flashbacks to that time I was home watching daytime TV, and I don't think I could forget it!


Edit: sorry, Katie, we posted at the same time.....they really have no idea what they put you through, do they???[;-)]

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I just had to research this tricky question. Looking up several references to both 'Questions pour un Champion' and 'Going for Gold' it is certain that they are the same basic format. Both appeared to be multi-national; GfG was nominally for all of Europe but was conducted in English, which effectively excluded the French, while QP1C was strictly for the francophone countries.

There seems to be some doubt as to which was the original. Several respected sources say that GfG was based on QF1C, although QF1C's official site says that it is 18 years old, while GfG apparently began in 1987, which would make GfG older. This is borne out by the Wikipaeia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Going_for_Gold (which I know is far from authoritative) that credits GfG with inventing the format, and also mentions another English-language show that followed the pattern: "The five quiz One To Win was a half-hour show whose format was effectively based on the latter three rounds of Going for Gold, repackaged and with a different host (Robin Houston, better known as the 'voice of the computer' on another five quiz show, 100%). Unlike Going for Gold but like 100%, One To Win featured low cash prizes for the winner - just £200 per episode but with a bonus for five consecutive wins - and offered its champions the option to return on the next edition of the show."

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Thanks everyone for your detailed replies, and I stand corrected!

When I think back to Going for Gold, I just remember Henry Kelly and a line of about 10 contestants all answering buzzer-type questions, whereas the clip of the show that I watched on the FR3 website showed two people competing against the clock. But now it is all coming back to me (saddo that I am!), yes of course, that part is the final round, when the two highest-scoring competitors go head-to-head.

Thanks for that, I will carry on with this book translation, I've got a long way to go so I may well pop up on here looking for some more advice from time to time!

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Going for gold was garbage - I thought Henry Kelly was patronising until I saw the French version!

That fella is off his noodle and no mistake.

"Top chrono! Peeeeow!!!"

I can't understand a word he says. [:D]

Just out of interest, what's the context exactly? I mean, is the book a novel? If so, how does translating the show's name into something that doesn't exist in the UK any longer affect verisimillitude?

<scratches chin smugly at use of verisimillitude in a sentance - though worries about the spelling...>

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