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I used them whilst in the UK and listened every day on the way to work for about half an hour. I found them very good, however, when I started having French lessons here in France from a French lady who teaches English, she did point out some errors.  Some of the language I was using although correct is not normal everyday use for French people and although I would be understood the French would find my way of speaking rather amusing !!!
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The are the best! Have tried linguphone "all talk" (the best of the others) , a private tutor even trying to remember what I learn't at school with not much success the combination of Michel Thomas and watch french TV on TV5 on sky has made all the difference, I have mild dislexia so not having to read and writing while your learning gave me confidence to actually speak  and not get hung up about the spelling , that can come latter moh is confident in reading but struggles with conversation and MT has really helped, the foundation course was given away by the Express last year so you might find a cheap set somewhere (ebay?)[:D]
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