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Tu mange les mots.......


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This was said to daughter no 1 in French lesson today. They were discussing regional accents , and prof asked her where in UK she was from, so folks from Leeds and  London  obviously  speak more posh than  what we does  ( near Manchester) [:'(]

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It is an accent thing opas.  People from l'Allier for example are often accused of "Bouffez le mots" or "Mangez les mots".  It's the way they pronounce certain words by cutting off the first letter of words or even whole syllables.

An example in English would be

"Hello, how are you?"  becomes "Lo, ow a you?"

The Geordie accent springs to mind and some Scottish accents too.


An example in French would be

"Bonjour, qu'est ce que tu fait?" becomes "Jour, qu'est tu fai?"

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