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Restriction on choice of insurance provider


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I am the treasurer of a tiny non-profit association (ASBL) which is affiliated to a national organization.  For various reasons, we wish to remain affiliated.  However, the national organization insists that as long as we are affiliated, the liability insurance that we need must be provided by their associated insurance company.

Not only is their insurance rather expensive, it also requires a whole lot of administrative work - out of all proportion to the size and activity of the association.

Several nationally-known companies offer equivalent insurance requiring no more than a simple annual declaration (it's also generally cheaper) and my question is whether the national organization has the right to insist on selling us the insurance.  I believe that in the UK this kind of condition is not enforceable; I seem to remember that some banks have come up against the law when trying to sell mortgage insurance.

Does anyone know whether French law has anything to say on this?  Unfortunately we don't have the kind of money that would justify consulting a lawyer.  

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You could always try arranging your own insurance. That could put the ball in the court of the national organisation if it wishes to enforce its ruling. Or maybe, if that is not practical, a group of the local affiliated organisations could get together to challenge the rule?

I don't know of any French law, but I have a strong feeling that such restrictive practices would breach European guidelines.

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