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Dear forum members... we're moving to the Dordogne in August (between Bergerac and Perigueux) and we are looking for French Lanaguage classes.  I have found a company in Bergerac and also the APCL in Perigueux.   I am wondering if there are likely to be other options... we're looking either one or two lessons a week during the day (school hours) within the area.  Anyone got any ideas?    [:)]
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Good luck with the move PPS. 

Hope you have success in finding some good classes when you arrive.  I hope this doesn't sound daft - but I learnt a lot of French in the beginning just watching a couple of daytime soaps (in French) on a regular basis.  The thing is that the storylines are very repetitive, so you pick up key words and verb tenses quite easily.

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Thanks Twinkle... I've read a few messages from people who say TV or Radio helps... I'll have to give it a go.  thanks for tip!  I want to do whatever I can to move my french along from tourist level... I think I currently understand a lot more than I can say, so hopefully once we're there it should start to build momentum!  I also feel embarassed when I speak french... which is very stupid!!! I am having lessons but always feel a little shy... unheard of for me!!! [Www]

By the way... are you 'the' Twinkle?  your post record say only three post... or do we have two Twinkle's on the forum... your avatar has changed too... you've lost your flute!  [:)] [:$]

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