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Any one know what this means ?


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Hush twinks , one of them looks in on here to help her english [Www]

Yes I met one of them for a few drinks while out there in may she was loverly. plus introduced me to some other people in the village and some english people who live in Castans . who were a little bemused as to why she had taken me there, at 9'0'clock in the morning ,they were still in there night wear, which was funny as they didnt really know what to say or do with me . But I saw them again in the supermarket the next week and they were very nice. I fell in love with one of my neighbours apricot poodles while i was there , not the type of dog i ever thought I would want , but im truley smitten . I have had loads of dreams about it since coming home . Cant wait to get out there again [:)] 

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