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I have had a look at the first one the BBC send out ...Looks like it could be a great help as you can play over the clip as often as you need and repeat .... to get the prononciation correct....You can click on the French and English tranlations to familiarise yourself with the words as often as you want .... They have a section to Guess words...  Build sentences ...Speak and write . You type the answers in the boxes ..They suggest you find a friend on line you could work on the course together with my email  ....They say this is a new 3 month  course with an end of assessment ......I should have requested somone to put the link to the BBC site with my 1st post....can sombody please do it now?...I must get round to learning how to do that one day !  
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I have been doing the course since november and have found it extremely useful and as already stated, it is good as you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Its good because you can see your progress as you go along. my eith year old has even had a go at some of it Big Smile [:D]


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