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Accented characters


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[:)][quote user="Crusher"]Wouldn’t it have been easier to just type ‘Arrêté’ in the first place? [Www][/quote]Welcome to the forum and congratulations on a nice 1st post [;-)]

Whilst Chocolate's comment could be regarded as superfluous I think it's fair to assume that if he/she had been able to type Arrêté he/she would have done so ?

Please remember that just because this is a French forum it doesn't mean everybody is at a French computer or even in France.

Happy new year.



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Thank you Crusher for your kind comment regarding my post and perceived superfluous typing. As ErnieY has rightly said, I do not have access to a French computer.

My above post contains information gained by following a long, hard route through French formalities and red-tape. I had hoped to point someone else in a possible direction so that they could have, at the very least, a place to start. I have benefitted enormously from advice and information given on this forum, as it is clear others do too. None of us comment upon the mistakes we all make fairly often; that is not the purpose of the friendly, helpful and supportive place that this is and frankly, it is just....well....rude.

My English keyboard and I humbly apologise and we will make certain that all our posts will be editted very carefully of working, thoughtless notes to self in the future.

Happy New Year

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Yes, Crusher's posting and a maiden one at that, was a bit of a waste of time.

As far as accented characters go try downloading from www.lexicool.com which was initially pointed out by Will. It's a bit cumbersome but it saves those of us who are memory challenged trying to remember all those short cut key strokes to get these characters.

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[quote user="Benjamin"]to remember all those short cut key strokes to get these characters.

[/quote]Benjamin, can you enlighten me?  I use Lexicool but it produces gobbledegook in some documents on recipients' computers.  Could you explain the short cut key reference to me, if you would be so kind?
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Accented characters can be produced with a combination of the "Alt key + Num pad"

For example, to produce the character é, press "Alt+0232".

I use the character table in Windows to produce the accented letters used in French.

It is usually found in the Accessories menu.

I have put a shortcut to it in the taskbar and it is always accessible.

PS: in this instance, keep the ALt key pressed whilst typing 0232 (i.e. do not type +!!)

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é    é    é    é     é    â    â    â   .............

I can do it too !!!!!     Thank you everyone for the usual kind and helpful info.

If anyone thought that my written accents were not up to scratch, they should just hear my spoken French accent !!!!!!!


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[quote user="Scooby"]I keep this page in my bookmarks as a quick aide memoire.  Unlike other lists of 'Alt keys' for characters, this one only gives the accents for French - which saves trawling through a long list of characters most of which I will never need!

This is fun. Didn't have any idea about using the Alt key.  Have been practising for the last minute.  Cool...

Your page, Scooby, has been bookmarked.


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The easiest way (which I use) is to have a French keyboard: you can change between the two on Windows at the bottom right corner of the screen

There is another way, which is to use a French spell check.

I have one on Thunderbird for all my emails and you can have the add-on for Firefox too (Dictionnaire myspell en  Français)

A third way is to open an email account with Yahoo.fr

Then anything you type to send can be checked and corrected automatically by the Yahoo spellcheck

These all avoid contortions with alt etc

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Lexibar for French special keyboard characters
(Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista - 140 kb)

Lexibar French gives rapid access to French special characters not available on your keyboard.

Very easy to use just click and drag
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