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Je défends mon bifteck!


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At lunch today, one of the women, married two times, one child with each husband and now divorcing the second................said: "maintenant, je défends mon bifteck"

I had to ask for a translation and basically, it means "from now on, I'm gonna look after number one"[:D] I just thought it a super phrase[:-))]

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   Christine...............just about[8-)] but I know a phrase which includes 'pompier', but perhaps best not to mention that one on here[:D]

Here's one which is often used by artists: "ça va mettre du beurre dans les épinards"[Www]

so, bifteck, baskets and épinards rule!

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J-P used to put logs by the fire when there weren't many left and he would say (we no longer have a fireplace here), "il faut les utiliser avec parcimonie" and I used to say "oh, when's he coming?", but I didn't really know it was a joke to say "avec qui" as Frenchie said.

Allez, on ne va pas mettre tous les eoufs dans le même panier.


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