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feuille de papier sulfurisé


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Couvrez-le d'une feuille de papier sulfurisé

Does this mean :

cover with a sheet of  grease proof paper ..?  If not what does sulfurisé mean ?

Also :

Parsemez-le de legumes secs = sprinkle the vegtables dry ??[8-)] am I using Parsemez wrongly ? 

Many thanks [:)]

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Boy Pads you must be cooking up a storm at your house!  Maybe something papilloté or it must be a pastry shell with those dried beans hanging about, eh?  I've been sticking the pastry shell in the freezer for 15 minutes before baking and it seems to take care of the puffing up problem (without having to add the beans.)  Let us know how dinner comes out.  I usually have to do French recipes twice, once to do it their way and once to get it right. 


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Will try your tip re freezing the pastry case before baking.  I have looked everywhere for my jar of ceramic beans for baking dry and I think it must have got thrown out with all the other stuff when we packed to come here last year.

Friends kindly brought me 2 lovely heavy loose-bottomed flan tins at my request and then I found my old ones tucked away in some cupboard I'd gone through at least 3 times.  These senior-blind-deaf moments seem to occur with more and more frequency.

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Kim..... this is my home work this week translating recipies and writting one of my own ..... but I did try one the over day which turned out loverly if maybe a little salty for my taste...

sweet 17 you can use dried peas or beans and just keep reusing them, keep them in a jar, but Kims suggestion works just as well.    

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