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I was looking at some details of washing machines in France.

What does ' départ différé ' mean. Some machines say 'oui' and some 'non'. It's written in capitals in the description but I'm guessing there could be accents, so I've popped them in.

Also, 'commande', some are followed with électronique, others no mention just blank.




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départ différé = delayed start

It is used to take advantage of the cheap rate when you have dual tariff electricity, or if you want your washing to be ready to hang just as you come home from work...

I can set my machine to start up to 12 hours after pressing the START button.

AFAIK, programme électronique means that an electronic board controls the amount of water and energy used according to the weight in the drum and the selected program.

Other older and cheaper machines have a ½ load button.

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Electronique normally means solid state electronics as oppossed to the dial with a 'hedgehog' ( slowly revolving electric motor driven drum with electric contacts sticking out) behind a dial on the front. If you go down the electronique route make sure washing machine is protected by a parafoudre if you live in an area liable to lightening unless the power lines are underground.  
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