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child reluctant to speak French?


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My niece is very shy and wouldn't try to speak French when staying with us in Switzerland. As she loves animals, we told her our 2 cats and 1 dog don;t understand English at all, so she would have to try with them. the next morning I came downstairs and could here talking in the kitchen. I stopped and listened. She was chatting away with Gatsby, our dog, best she could. I didn;t comment - after breakfast she bombarded me with questions in English :how do you say 'sit', how do you say 'roll over', and so on. For 2 weeks she got more and more confident talking to the animals, and acquired quite a lot of vocab. so maybe a good idea to adopt a French stray dog and try this method? We hope that next time she comes she will start talking to us too!

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[quote user="woolybananasbrother"]So, Christine is a language teacher. Oi, what language does Destroyer speak finally? He certainly doesnt understand such nice things as "if you bark again you are going on the barbie".[/quote]

If you threatened me like that, I'd refuse to understand as well!

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