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Help with a simple french question


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I'm self learning french at the moment and there's a question which I really don't know how to answer, it asks me to fill in the blanks

The passage given is about countries that speak the french language I think? Le Monde Francophone

_____est situe(e) en____(Continent)

Les pays avoisinants sont____

On y parle francais, mais aussi le____

Le capitale s'apelle_____

Would La belqiue est situé en royaume d'europe occidentale for the first answer be right?

What should I fill in the blanks with?


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[quote user="Clair"]The first blank is the name of a country.
The second blank in the name of a continent.

The third blank are the names of the neighbouring countries
The  fourth blank is a language.
The last blank is the capital town of the country.


Sorry Clair, I'm quite sure it was a typo!

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La Suisse est situee en Europe centrale. Les pays avoisinant sont la France, l'Allemagne, l'Italie, le Lichtenstein et l'Autriche. On y parle francais, mais aussi l'allemand, l'italien et le romanche. La capitale s'appelle Berne.

as an example.

Bonne chance

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