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mauvaise foie

doris day

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When someone acts 'de mauvaise foi', they are acting in bad faith, ie with an intention to deceive.

'Foi / foie / fois' can cause problems - when I lived in France, I kept hearing of people having a 'crise de foi', which I took to mean they had started to have serious doubts  about God. In fact they were just feeling 'liverish', bilious![+o(]


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What a coincidence!

I am reading my second French book after taking a year out to get over reading the first one twice, its amazing to see how much progress I have made with the language since the last time, this time round I have not yet used a dictionary and I am 68 pages in after 2 insomniac sessions.

I dont understand every word but can work out the meaning from the context just as I do in everyday speech, interestingly the past historic tense is not giving me any problems yet I doubt that I have seen it written since the last time.

Back to the topic, I have realised that many words that I have learnt through conversation I have misunderstood the spelling and only last night learnt that it is mauvaise foi not foie.

The other amusing discovery was the river Thames, I had always put it down to the French pronunciation when they said "Tammeese" I didnt know that it is in fact la riviere Tamise [:)] I bet there is a tale behind how that came about.

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