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[quote user="banyuls diver"]I know you can use symbols or special software to write a document in French in WORD on a qwerty keyboard. Anyone know how to write an e-mail in French using gravs,acutes etc.?[/quote]

I use Office 2007 and Outlook & use the following (it's easier than it sounds, and is, in fact, fact the easiest way I've used):

1. Press CTRL and one of the punctuation keys ` ' , ~ : ^ that most closely resembles the accent needed. 
2. Release the two keys pressed in Step 1.
3. Press the letter to be modified and the accented character will appear. 

Some keys such as ^ require a shift key also.

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[quote user="banyuls diver"]

What is "Thunderbird"? Is it an option to type directly into an e-mail? Is it down-loadable?[/quote]

Thunderbird is a mail handler program. You can configure it to handle your e-mails from mixed sources ie. Orange, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. It's free and comes from Mozilla who also produce Firefox. It's an open source program so it's non-commercial and is supported by a community of users - in other words "it's a good thing" [:D].

I've used it for four years and although in it's infancy it was somewhat quirky there have been big improvements with each version. The latest version Thunderbird 3.0 became available earlier this month and looks to have plenty of innovations and now that Christmas is over I'm about to upgrade to it myself. It's available here: http://en-gb.www.mozillamessaging.com/en-GB/thunderbird/

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