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What do you call this ?


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Is this what you are looking for ?

The Elision

The elision takes place when a word finishing in a vowel is followed by a word beginning in a vowel.

Grammatical words that end in -e lose it before a vowel. In writing, this -e is replaced by an apostrophe:

Je viens d'un (de + un) pays lointain.

J'attends (= je + attends) d'avoir l'occasion

The vowel -a can be dropped when it is in a personal pronoun before a verb beginning in a vowel:

Pierre aime Marie becomes Pierre l'aime (la + aime).

For the lexical words, -e disappears phonetically and only the vowel that begins the following word is pronounced.

The spelling does not change:

Quatre amis

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Thank you for both your replies ... I was asking because I wanted to find a web site that explained it fully ... I have googled both your replies and not found a web site ...in fact contractions gave me lots of birthing web site .... !! any ideas of websites for this ?

Many thanks
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