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Can someone please check this french letter that I have written. :D


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I'm afraid that's riddled with erreurs. [:)] However, it should convey the gist of what you want to say, and I assume your correspondent isn't expecting perfect French, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Can't go too far with correcting it, I'm afraid, as my written French is likewise a bit erreur infested. Sorry!

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[quote user="suein56"]'Can someone please check this french letter that I have written.'

This is not your homework is it, by any chance?



No, its not homework, its more like a final writing piece that is sent off to be marked. :(

And we have to send it to a penpal abroad as well

Double Bad!!!
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I'm sure you realise that it's not up to a bunch of strangers to correct your work, whether it's homework, or any other form of schoolwork. Apart from the fact that it's cheating, it's also not a reflection of your ability or what you have learned. I don't know your age, how long you've been studying French, or indeed anything else about you, but what you've written does contain a lot of mistakes, although it's quite understandable and  your use of some fairly complex structures and tenses isn't too bad at all.

Perhaps before handing in this piece of work you can check some of the following things, which might enable you to identify some of your own mistakes?

- check when you should be using imperfect tense as opposed to passé composé

-  look again at the use of prepositions (e.g. prepositions of place) and whether you've used them correctly

- same for partitives (du, de la, de l' des) and countable/uncountable nouns.

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