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Subjonctif or future anterieur?


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My second posting on the trot regarding the subjonctif!

I sent an e-mail reply to an invitation, I wanted to say "I doubt that I will have returned by the 14th 15th" I was too lazy to get out my Bescherelle and wrote what my gut feeling told me " je doute que j'aurai revenu par le 14/15"

I now see that what I had written was the futur anterieur and whilst it seems to vindicate my gut feeling yet I also feel that I should have used a subjonctif form because I was expressing doubt.

I have what I have retained of Pachapapas wedding rule bouncing around in my head but its just confusing me more.

Was I right or what should/could I have written?

many thanks.

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Thank you both, I did think about using si but knew it couldnt be used with the future or conditional, I like the construction and will try to remember it next time.

If only my French teacher at school want a paedophile I might have paid more attention, still I am proud to have got an unclassified at O level in the days when you were allowed to actually fail, it was well worth going in to sign may name on the exam sheet!

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The impression I get is that chancer  had the intention of doing his utmost to be back on the appointed date, if that assumption is correct then ericd with ..ne pas être de retour....conveys that subtlety of meaning. Perhaps more a case of fear and anxiety than doubt.[:)] Personally I would have put a "de" after the "je doute" (je crains). Addition if the subject is the same then the infinitive is used and not the subjunctive in modern french.

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