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Saying Goodbye


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We are leaving France soon and as two of our neighbours will be on holiday the day we leave we want to leave a card in their letterbox thanking them for their friendship.   Any ideas of some special words we can write on the lovely cards I've managed to buy?  

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[quote user="Frenchie"]

I would write something like :

" Chers voisins,

Puisque nous ne pouvons le faire de vive voix, je tiens à vous remercier pour votre gentillesse envers nous et votre amitié.

 Bien amicalement, + your names . " 


Just one question, if the message is coming from both of them would you still write " je tiens"?[8-)]

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That is a beautiful message, Frenchie.

The French do charming courteousness so well!

And maybe it's "je tiens" because only one person is actually holding the pen and that's just and so the singlular is an example of the logical nature of the language.
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