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Comme même?


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How bizarre as I was about to pose the same question. I hear it alot and again yesterday when someone was paying for their meal so I was guessing that they were saying that the meal was very good - as usual. Maybe someone will put me straight on this so that I can start using it !

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Its not a phrase that survives a literal translation (when same!) it has many uses and often people will just throw it in because they are incapable of stringing together a literate sentence, much like "voila" , "et puis voila" "et ben..... donc..... voila", "mais bon"etc.

In the instance quoted above it probably means it was a good meal nonetheless or nevertheless, i.e; despite the crap service, your general air of disinterest or that the cook appeared to be twelve years old, if you get my meaning.

I have also heard it expressed as surprise, i.e if someone scores a lucky point at petanque etc, its something that you pick up when to use without ever really being able to explain how or why and especially translate it.

TizzyLizzy you say that you would like to use it if only you knew what it means, I understand where you are coming from but dependant on where you live it is perhaps not advisable to blindly mimic what you hear as you may well end up sounding like an abruti and people may assume that you are one.

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AFAIK, it means what Wooly says and also what Norman says in the context of the meal!

Gemonimo uses it quite a lot and I picked it up from her.  Usually, when I use it, I mean, all the same, nonetheless, even so, despite all that, etc.  Really to emphasise an opinion about something.....no, I don't mean emphasis in a narrow sense but in a sense of agreeing with what you have just said.

Perhaps Gem will come on and tell me whether I've got her meaning right....[:)][;-)]

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[quote user="woolybanana"]As you know, I never hazard an opinion on anything but let the dictionary speak for me.[/quote]

Well none of the examples in your dictionary link showed quand même being used for "similar".

I do hope you dont let your dictionary speak for you too often with phrases like:

Et je l'ai eu quand même!

Well, I throwed him


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