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That pesky word, "convenable"....


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I have yet to use this word in a well....."convenable" way!  I have used it to mean, appropriate, OK, acceptable such as:

Cet hotel est convenable pour les magasins?  And been met with blank looks until I explain that I mean whether the hotel is "convenient" for the shops.

I have had it explained to me a couple of times by French people but I would really like to know how a non NATIVE French speaker uses it and whether it has been understood.

Please help as I rather like the word and would love to use it appropriately or "convenably"[:D]

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Convenable = suitable or appropriate. Sometimes 'reasonable', 'proper' or 'decent'.

So not 'convenient' ('commode', 'pratique' or in your example 'bien situé pour les magasins/près des commerces').

Try your favourite dictionary for further details.. [:)]


Andrew 44

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Thank you, Cat, Christine and 5-e. 

Now I think I have a clearer idea of how the word is used.  I met a Parisien in our village yesterday whilst dog walking and we got to talking about this and that (as one does in a small village).

He was dressed only in the briefest pair of swimming trunks but he WAS doing some gardening in what he explained was his mother's house and it WAS extremely hot.

We talked about several subjects and the word "convenable" came up, can't remember now in what context but I used it wrongly as usual.  He explained in his best English that it can sometimes refer to someone's behaviour!

Aaarrrggghhh, was it convenable, I mean my talking to a man so scantily clothed in full view of anyone walking past?[:P]

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