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Anyone want to try and translate this Franglaise?

Jacqui      Too

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Today I received an email from my non English speaking neighbour who uses Google translate to send me emails, and within it was this;

i Jackie, the tree, it is to go fishing for it who fell the one of whom we could in your absence to pick the very tempting fruits lorqu' they were ripe (side garbage can) without entering to you, just by raising arms. It has not worries as you and did not cause of dégats at the neighbours. but the tree cannot be raised and he remains put to bed in your jardin.c' is definitely domage.

I do know now what it is meant to say, but had to chuckle at what google translate comes up with! [blink]


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Gardengirl you are absolutely right.

The above quote was the answer to my questioning the previouse email that said;

"We were also upset, to go fishing for it in front of to you fell during a storm. his roots are overlapped in the low wall, we could not the relever.quel dommage.peut to be he will still live you. they will try to help you when you will come in October"


I have wonderful neighbours, they always keep in contact (via email using google translate) and let me know of village life, they have always had our permission to pick the fruit from my peach and cherry trees, but this year I was able to be in France when most of the peach were ripe and brought some home here to bottle, but still plenty for them as well.

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