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Remise en mains propres gratuite


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Pixmania is an example of paying Chez Pixmania when you collect.

Les frais de service que vous payez lors d'un achat en magasin correspondent d'une part au transport de vos produits depuis notre plate-forme logistique mais aussi à des frais de gestion de commande et de structure.Ces frais vous seront indiqués après sélection de votre produit, juste avant la page d’identification.

A popular "arnaque" on ebay where gratuite is not included and the vendor charges € 20 or whatever.

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[quote user="woolybanana"][quote user="sweet 17"]

Gee, Pacha, knew there'd be strings!

No such thing as a free lunch, eh?


You are trying to buy second hand food online, Sweets? I knew things were bad in the Dogdoine but this is getting serious. Should we be thinking food parcels?


Hey, Wools, I did say hello to you on my other thread about buying from leboncoin [:)]

As for Dogdoine.....clearly, the place has gone to the dogs!

Still, sun is shining today and the dog days of summer should be here soon?

You gonna send me a food parcel in the shape of a picnic hamper from Fortnum's then?[8-)]

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[quote user="Chancer"]If you are talking about Ebay or Leboncoin it means that the seller very generously will not be charging you one penny extra for  you to have the priveledge of collecting your purchase in person [:-))][/quote]


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I am not broke Norman but certainly have to be very carefull, the items are nails and fuel cells for a Paslode nailer and they are for a French friend, me I wouldnt pay a lot more for something that I am quite capable of knocking in with a hammer!

Eventually the seller agreed to group the postage so we are getting 4 boxes of 2000 nails plus fuel cells which is a very heavy parcel for £73 all in inc delivery.

One box alone costs €80 in France and they want €20 delivery per box [:-))] 

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Be careful of an invitation to buy with " remise en mains propre" and a small bit in the contract discretely noting a charge; if you accept the deal you can be legally held in contractual terms to paying the "delivery charge".


Is a Paslode one of those things that will take a cat out at 30 yards?[:-))]

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