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Proof of Address

mr ploppy

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No, I have a genuine reason for asking. We're going to be renting a property, but the utilities are included in our rent, so we'll not have a utility bill to show anyone. I've seen many instances of needing to provide proof of address, for example to open a bank account, where it says to show your utility bill. Just wondering what we'd do in our case.
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Proof of address accepted:

  •  household insurance
  •  rental invoice
  •  rental contract

  •  tax bill (certificat d'imposition or of non-imposition)

If the proof is not established in your name, you must submit a

attestation d'hébergement

sur l'honneur
(sample HERE) hand-written by your landlord.

This is valid only if the

person also provides a photocopy of his ID card and a proof of address. The address mentioned on the ID must be the same as that

on the proof of address.
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