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New (ish) If anyone is interested?


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I've just stumbled upon this if anyone is interested. If your French is already reasonable, this magazine (available free, online, and with some audio as well) is quite interesting and good for reading and practising your French. In my very humble opinion. You could even, if you feel up to a challenge, write an article for them!

There are only 2 issues so far, but it's free to sign up to be notified of more.


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It looks excellent and very interesting that which I read Betty but short of printing it out (and I cant afford the cartridges) I find double page format magazines almost impossible to read on a computer screen, I can go up down with the arrows but not across it just leaps to another page, it becomes a real frustration rather than a pleasure.

Maybe these things are better suited to smartphones and tablets or whatever these things are where you drag the image across the screen with a finger.

A shame because it looks really good, nice to see a fresh natural looking French woman on the cover.

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I was quite surprised, Chancer, to find that they'd opted for .pdf as their format for the file. Equally odd, though a pleasant surprise, is that the audio files are hosted with a new (to me) service, which seems to work very well.

If you put acrobat in "read mode" and use the top and bottom sliders on your screen, this makes it relatively easy to read the side-by-side format, although I agree with you that it isn't ideal. Certainly, the sliders are more controllable than the arrows!

I've just used one of the articles along with the audio file with one of my students and it made for an enjoyable discussion and went quite well, so I'm going to use more.

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