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N'inquiétez pas or Ne vous inquiétez pas?

Daft Doctor

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You'd always include the 'vous' or 'te'

Think about it as the equivalent of 'don't upset yourself' or 'don't distress yourself'. You wouldn't just say 'Don't upset' or 'don't distress' would you - it wouldn't sound finished.

Grammatically, these verbs are being used reflexively so you have to include the reflexive pronoun.
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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]Agreed...but, as Idun points out, in spoken, day-to day French, the "ne" in most negative statements has become more or less an optional extra.[/quote]

Yes! I hardly bother with the "ne" because the sentence or phrase nearly always flows better without it.

I do use it when it's in the imperative because it sounds more .....................er............imperative?[:D]

OH would say "imperious" but I don't want to argue about that one...................

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