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What does TBEG stand for, please?


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I'm bidding on a board game on Ebay and the description says:


Now I've seen TBEG written elsewhere on second-hand items but what does it stand for. I assume "Tout ........" something or other. Does anybody know?

Big thanks in advance.
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[quote user="Gardian"]In future, i wish to be referred to as 'Gardian TBEG'.[/quote]

Before you wrote this, I was going to make a comment on the lines of "Whenever I've looked at something (eg a second-hand car) that was described as TBEG, the reality was that two tyres were flat, all four tyres were balding, a door was falling off, the windows didn't open, the electrics were shot, the suspension was suspect and the engine ran as if fuelled by coal".

But I won't now.

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[quote user="NormanH"]In fact the clue is in the 'générale'.  TBE means 'in very good condition'....but add the word générale and you get 'not too bad overall give or take the most obvious faults that I can't hide' [:D]


Quite right, Norman.  Once they qualify it by using the générale, I'd know to beware.

Sometimes they emphasise the "very" by saying TTBE; and the second très does reassure me.

Also, if they say neuf or neuve, do not take that as "new" as in, well, as in mint!

Depending on whether I want something "brand new" or just "newish", I look for jamais servi(e) or jamais porté(e), if the former.

For electrical goods, I'd also look for sous emballage or envoyé dans la boite originale (yes, I know I need a chapeau over the i)

Hey, I can "read" all this stuff because, at the last count, I have bought over 60 separate items from leboncoin and I now have a sixth sense as to whether something is as described or not![:D]

When in doubt, I'd ring or email additionally to ask if the item fonctionne bien.

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