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Rather than making up some gobbledegook and not making myself understood, would someone be kind enough to help me by saying what gutter brackets are called in French, svp?

Had a massive storm yesterday afternoon and some gutter brackets were wrenched off, the noise was frightening and quite a long length of gutter is now unsecured and might be damaged.

As luck would have it, we have recently changed insurance company so I am not too certain what is or is not covered.  I am going to contact the new company so it would be MOST helpful what to call these things to accompany the photos.

Thanks in advance.

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That looks dreadful; I'd heard there had been a tornado. In the Gard we've had what the papers called an episode cevenol, but I've been told it was the tail end of hurricane Henri. It affected places across the country, the latest being the Auvergne and around Lyon.

There has been flooding around Alès, but not nearly as bad as last October or earlier this year, although some people have died and a lot of damage has been caused.

Hope you got your brackets, Mint, and can get those gutters fixed soon.

It's been lovely this afternoon and this evening it's still sunny and 24C, but it was so bad last night and into this morning that the vineyard owner who was going to do us a wine tasting and BBQ around now cancelled this morning, offering Saturday lunchtime instead.
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Pat, a coincidence that you have mentioned this.  We were at the pharmacie this afternoon and the serveuse was telling us about this.

It's quite far north in the department and I believe and hope that Cendrillon's property has not been affected.

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Actually, it wasn't too bad here at all.  Rained a bit but not really dreadfully.

The wind was frenzied and OH had to secure the parasols and the usual outdoor stuff.  In total it only blew like mad for about half an hour but, during that time, the noise made by the banging of the loose gutter was quite scary.

Chance, I was able, armed with my new-found knowledge of what gutter brackets were called, to telephone the zingueriste (or whatever the gutter man is called) and he came and looked at what needed doing and, weather permitting, he will be back in the morning to do the repair and clean out the gutters at the same time.

I wasn't sure if he was still working as he already seemed positively ancient the last time he was here a couple of years ago but, indeed, despite spending several minutes describing all his aches and pains to me, he said he'd do the job.

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An old friend of this very forum was quite badly hit, as the tornado took out a chimney, barn roof and a big old tree.

Bit close for comfort, but our village, on the other side of Saintes, was unaffected. According to the Sud Ouest, the tornado travelled around for 45 minutes, and some of the photos of the damage are pretty scary.
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