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well, I wouldn't want to be a gooseberry!


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Said to mean an unwanted extra third when 2 people are getting to know each other rather well.

So, is there something in French that you say to give the same meaning?

Nothing rude, mind, just something light-hearted and preferably amusing!

C'est pas grande chose, I only want to tease a friend and to use it as an excuse for not turning up on occasion.

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Hold a candle to someone sounds like YOU are the one who wants to get friendly and not the one who doesn't want to intrude?[:D]

So what do you say when you want to be alone with the banane and someone turns up uninvited?[:P]

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Angela, the phrase is "good" as my friend understood it.

We go nordic walking together sometimes, just the 2 of us and we act like a pair of children, seeing who could go quicker for longer, running, laughing our heads off.

Recently, she has been going off on her own with a chap who is indeed very good-looking and has very good legs now it's warm and he wears shorts so we could surreptitiously admire them.

This morning she rang me and asked me to go for a walk.  I wasn't sure if M.  Belles Jambs was coming as well so I said je ne veux pas tenir la chandelle and Pascale, my friend, laughed her head off so the meaning must indeed be evident.

Nice little phrase really when you think about it and easy to remember.

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