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Insurance claim rejected


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I am looking for information on the following situation.

Our barn roof collapsed due to a combination of water damage and high winds back in November.

We had an expert come and assess the damage for the insurance company and as requested procured some quotes  from local companies. The expert stated when on site that we could not have been expected to see the water ingress as it was 7m up on top of a wall. The claim was submitted and we have sat waiting with a fair amount of chasing to our agent.

Last week we had a verbal confiirmation from our agent that the claim would not be covered, they have mentioned a 'mediator' and we have had no further contact.

Does anyone have experience of this sort of situation? How does the mediator operate? What would be our next step?

Should we be getting a solicitor involved at this stage?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Many thanks for your swift response. That is very useful.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has been in this situation. Our agent exclusively represents the insurance company and has suggested the mediation route. Could this be the opening shot in an attempt to negotiate the level of payout, as we have been led to believe that we were covered from the outset?


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No the mediation process is simply to decide whether the insurance company were right in their decision to reject the claim.

I suspect that your problem is that French companies are much stricter in how they decide  whether or not to pay. If they can prove that the problems were a result of inadequate maintenance they won't pay out.

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