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Some months ago, certainly before Chancer left, we had a discussion on here as to whether it is rouvert or réouvert.

I have read an article today which seems to use réouverture but also rouvrir.  I am now led to think that you use réouv for the noun but rouv for the verb.

Here are the relevant bits that concern us:

"Limitation de déplacement, réouverture des restaurants, lieux

culturels... Les annonces du premier ministre ce jeudi à 17h, concernant

la suite du déconfinement, sont très attendues."


"À voir aussi - Faut-il rouvrir les parcs et les jardins en zone rouge ?"
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Intrigued so just to be 100% sure I looked at my Harraps Unabridged (two large volumes)


Verb Transitive

1. Door, border,book,bank account - rouvrir

    reopen an old wound - rouvrir une plaie

2.  (restart - hostilities) - reprendre

     (restart - debate, negotiations) - rouvrir

Verb Intransitive:

(door, wound) - se rouvrir
(school - after holiday) - reprendre


(of shop) - la réouverture
(of negotiations) - la reprise

Hope that helps.[:)]

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Yes, Weegie, nice and clear!  Also it's very good to find someone else who likes to look at the details and are fascinated by language.

I do this with English too.  In fact, I am finding lots of things about English that I didn't know before I started learning French[:D]

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Mint Said..

"Some months ago, certainly before Chancer left,

You mean 'Answer' not 'Chancer' ?

I miss 'Answer'...I mean 'Chancer'. He was fun.

They had an 'answer' for everything. Which was always wrong.

He is still about. Answering.

I wonder how many computer keyboards Answer uses up each year ?
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 I like Chancer...... and what he did or didn't do...... the clue was in the name he chose.


like you calling yourself A Little Bit French...... and me, maybe I

should be called 'Mid Channel' because that is how I often feel.

Clues are in the name.


I do what Chancer has sometimes suggested, not necessarily.  I would

give anything he said some consideration though.....


have just looked at our Larousse, which was the only dictionnaire

moderne we  had for many a year...... bought in France............ 1981

and it says reouverture and rouvir. Rouvir, the verb to reopen part of 'pouvoir'.
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I see the words all the time now.  I see them in newspapers and hear them on the radio and TV.  I am not the least bit confused by them[:D]

It's like when you buy a new car, and because you notice it more, suddenly it seems that the roads are full of cars just like yours!

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I knew réouverture, as it appears in signs at shops after holidays etc, but only recently started seeing and hearing rouvrir. It looked and sounded wrong, but now has become commonplace, so much is reopening at this time.

As you say, Mint, once we’re aware of words they pop up all over the place. For some reason, jurisprudence sticks in my mind, not having a clue what it meant the first time I read it. You wouldn't think it occurs very often, but over the following few weeks it turned up all over the place, but I don’t see it/notice it these days. Maybe my reading habits have changed...............

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Loiseau, as I always have to look up conjugaisons, I did look up rouvrir, and whatever I looked at on the web it said pouvoir. Even to me, it looked odd, but what do I know of such things!

Usually our Bescherelle is next to the old dictionnaire, but

wasn't, otherwise I would have looked in there. Found it now, so that is

a good thing, and ofcourse it says 'couvrir' which makes more sense, to

even me.

And frankly I didn't find it 'important' enough to double check,  when I do consider things  are important I double check even triple check stuff.... but the complexities of french grammaire, well, it just leaves me cold.

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I do like to look up conjugations; I used to love French at school (too many years ago now) but I've retained my interest.

For me this is the best website:


it hasn't failed me so far. Rouvrir is there.
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Rouvir, yes, look I did it yet again. Rouvrir, is in the Bescherelle and that works in all conditions.

[:)] I use the word 'works' very loosely, as I have no idea what a lot of the headings mean and don't care either. [Www]

I was never any good at written english, so what hope with very complicated french eh!

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Sid, I was never a 16, I was a 17, that being my département, see?

Well, I have grown up in the intervening years:  now a grumpy old female Victor Meldrew.  And I'm still only 24 though, at a push, I'd admit to 99 (for lieu étranger)

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