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I have just bought a Jane Birkin album - Arabesque and I think its brillant. Must be many of you who already know of her - so what would be a good album of hers to buy next perhaps a compilation album as I will probably have to use amazon or something as the Arabesque was the only one HMV sold.
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LAST EDITED ON 14-Nov-03 AT 01:08 PM (GMT)

Hi Gary.
I love that album too.
I started off with 'Jane Birkins Greatest Hits', as it has all her popular songs on. But try looking on www.janebirkin.net.
It has all her details on there, of what she's recorded, films shes made, etc.
Oh, and without sounding like I'm advertising,(I have no connection with any sites except my own!), try www.play.com as well as Amazon, as I find them cheaper (no P&P) and get all my French cd's, DVD's off there. Quick delivery too!
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Hi, I'm curious about the people that have got and like Jane Birkins album and like it, are you tone deaf, did you not realise or notice that she can't sing.
The music my be pleasant, her vioce????

I'll recomend a couple of good singers to you, Patric fiori, or Lara Fabiene. They can sing

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