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Does anyone go to the Diagonal often enough to have an idea of how they decide what VO films to show?

They showed Harry Potter in VO the same day that it was released in French (good way to avoid the queues), but other non-French films seem to be shown at random times after their release, and I usually miss them.

They don't seem to be showing the new Nemo film at all. Maybe they're waiting to see how well it does, see if it's worth putting it on in VO?
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>Does anyone go to the Diagonal
>often enough to have an
>idea of how they decide
>what VO films to show?

Forgive my ignorance, but what is the Diagonal? The reason I ask is that we would like to see the final part of the Lord of the Rings in VO and would love to find a cinema showing just that.

If anyone has the answer would be grateful for further info.

Apologies SaligoBay, don't mean to hi-jack your thread, just branching off slightly, that's all.
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We are planning to go to Paris to see the final part of Lord of the Rings.I saw a franglais trailer on C+ yesterday and I can hardly wait, 3 hours 20 with no loo break!!!! I doubt if you will get Nemo in VO- even when they show animation on Canal Plus they rarely have the original voices. Family films are usually dubbed as I suppose reading subtitles is considered an adult thing. You can check out where films are on via Cinefil.com, That is where we found out about LOTR last year and then used Time Out website to find hotels and made it a little Christmas treat for us .This year we are adding the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay for even more culture.
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