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Charles Aznavour dilemma.


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I'm beginning to wonder if it was some sort of hallucination but I could almost swear that on the board outside the Leclerc travel agency and ticket office in Lisieux (Calvados 14) there was an advert for an Aznavour concert in Paris, sometime next May. I can't have imagined it, can I? I never thought to see him alive again (or dead, for that matter!), how old must he be?
I was an ardent fan of his and saw him perform in England several times but that must have been more than 30 years ago (scary!) Is he still performing? I still play his greatest hits on my car CD player and sing along with gusto - when I'm on my own (my husband is less than enthusiastic). Should I rush back there and book, thus trying to conjure up some of my mis-spent youth ..... or might I be sadly disappointed? Perhaps the experience might only serve to remind me that the passing years are none too kind to any/most of us!
Now I know some of you can't stand the man but there must be others amongst you whose emotions are laid bare by some of his more poignant songs. I need your advice; what should I do? Live dangerously, go and risk all; or live on dreams!!
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Susannah, if it makes you feel any better, my neighbour's 23-yr-old daughter absolutely LOVES Charles Aznavour. She waved at him on the motorway once and he waved back and smiled at her, and she was delirious with joy.

The French don't discard old singers like we do. Young is okay, old is better, and rigor mortis makes your star shine for ever.

Go for it. Saw him on the telly the other night, hasn't he got big eyes?

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