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Still reeling from the shock of my first encounter with Claude Franois.

Having heard so much about him, I was expecting something extraordinary, and he certainly made me laugh, it was like watching Benny Hill in flares and blond wig!

And they call him Cloclo! My son wanted to know why I laughed out loud at that, so he now has the word "cloaca" added to his vocabulary.

My son is well taken with Cloaca, and EEK wants to buy a CD with his pocket money. I feel honour bound to bop and boogie along with him and add triangular inserts into my trousers to make them into flares.

I hope never to be too old to enjoy a bit of Mindless Pop.

SB, who really must learn to take these thing SERIOUSLY
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I once shared a flat with a Cloclo fan. Let's just say it was an interesting experience. When she told me how he died, I thought she was making it up.

Of course, he died a rich man (if you write the original version of 'my way' that could happen)

Looking at the weather we've got at the moment, I think bopping along to Alexandrie-Alexandra could at least keep you warm. As long as you don't dress like a Clodette....

Now you'll have to go and see Podium.

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If he had lived, how do you think he would changed along with the times or would he have stayed in a time warp. I was a seventies teenager but I don't honestly remember ever hearing much about the french singers and those clothes, did we really wear those? My kids for all intents and purposes are french to the core now,but when it comes to music they absolutely hate the mainstream french artists and their lack of progress where music is concerned (its all eurovision my daughter said) and prefer our local breton groups and english and american acts
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A new film came out last week which looks quite funny as a sort of cash in on the myth.Instead of being a simple life of film, it's about a Clou Clou impersonator, which still gives scope to re run the somgs and dance routines..... Can't remember the name of the film though.
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I think i posted before. But a few kilometers from us it the village where CF was born - I have a work collegue that lives there. Every year on the aniversary of his death the village is swamped by cars covered in CF stickers and blaring out CF music, and hordes of very 'sad' people milling around.



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