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I was reading the news on www.france3.fr today, and got stuck on trying to translate one of the paragraphs in a story about a factory going on strike, so I nipped over to an online translator and pasted in the words to see what it said. The result made me laugh:

Original paragraph:
L'usine fabrique 11 milliards de cigarettes brunes et 8 milliards de blondes chaque anne

Translation result:
The factory makes 11 billion brown cigarettes and 8 billion fair-haired women every year

Just shows how dodgy using an online translator can be I suppose!

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>Original paragraph:
>L'usine fabrique 11 milliards de cigarettes
>brunes et 8 milliards de
>blondes chaque anne

Yes, Brune et Blonde are also the two types of draught beer commonly availalable in bars in France. Pelforth being a typical "Brune" and 1066 or Heineken being the Blonde.

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Sorry, I know others have read this one here before - I went onto a website about St Omer for my sister who was going there and has no French. It said that a certain park was "hardly worth a visit" (fortement) and something about the tour de France and cycling across this particular area and screwing him!

(the last two words translated were Le Boulonnais!) I wrote to the website to tell them and they said it was an electronic translator!)

The town of Arques was translated as Curves - do you have Crystal de Curves glasses?
Jill (99)
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