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New Series of Classic French Films at the NFT


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Please don't, Tony. For what with the rave reviews for this new Hamlet at the Old Vic, the real possibility of Glyndebourne tickets and now a season of classic French films at the NFT this little girl, who rarely if ever pines for London, is beginning to get a bit home sick. It really is cultural capital of the world, isn't it?


ps: whilst I was watching Starsky & Hutch my cinephile friend (Sight & Sound magazine's other reader) was at the Riverside Studios at a classic Italian film festival. Don't suppose you were there too?
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Finally found time to post the list of French films:

Boudu Saved From Drowning
L'Atalante (which is available on video and DVD)
Le Grande Jeu
A Nous la Liberte
Poil de Carotte
Justin de Marsailles
L'Homme de Nulle Part
The Cheat

The dates of the film are broadly 1932 to 1936 and will be running from 1 June to 26th. There will be a second season later in the year.

Tony Fuller
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