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Van Helsing


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This is a protest post against the amount of trite sh*te that the French cinema industry churns out on a regular basis.

Van Helsing was good, although a bit long, at 2h 10m. Loved the special effects, and the Brides of Dracula were BRILLIANT.

Huge Jackman, well, what can I say, he can come and save me from scary things any night. Gorgeous in his long coat, and quite shapely in his loincloth too.

Dracula, OTOH, looked a bit Lionel Blairish for my liking, and we could have done without seeing Jekyll&Hyde so soon after La Ligue des Gentlemen Extraordinaires.

Still, overall enjoyable. Shame they're planning to make a series of it. Oh yes, and don't take small children to see it, it's too dark and scary for the little darlings.

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