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Obesity in France


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Obesity has been much in the UK news this past week.

Coincidentally, I was in a bar a few days ago, and was noticing that the fellows were not drinking like those in English bars do - the drinks tended to be much shorter. This set me thinking - one sees few 'beer bellied' Frenchmen.

But as my wife remarked, "not many over weight people in France generally either".

Interesting the difference culture shows between these two neighbouring countries.

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Yes, what an interesting observation. I've always been in awe of those slender young women one sees in Paris restaurants tucking in to huge meals and can't help thinking that their fashionable sisters back in London would be nibbling on a salad. Do you think it's something to do with French genes?

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Well as this is meat and two veg every meal country the locals are quite solidly built. I have noticed though, more and more youngsters getting obese here but then there has been an almighty increase on the supermarket shelves of fattening convenience foods that were never there 10+ years ago and the sweet selections are getting bigger. We have both Quick and McDo here and they are always full of people when you go by even with all the vehemence the french show towards the latter. Lots of middle aged woman here have also suddenly started to grow bigger bums and tums that when I first knew them.
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