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La Cage aux Folles


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Just watched this film again after a 15 year break and it was just as enjoyable and mirth-making as the last time. I love it - so much better than that dreadful American re-make with Robin Williams.

I love the bit where they are all trying to be really macho for the fiancee's parents and the maid (Jacob) opens the champagne, the cork pops and the maid and Rinaldo (whatsisname) both shriek in surprise!!

Do you have any other French comedies to recommend? I saw Tatie on television when I was in France a few years ago and that was great. I love farce - does the word come from the French "to stuff" - farcir? Can anyone shed any light?

Another very good film I saw with Gerard Depardieu several years ago was a black comedy called Tenue de Soiree - but it was VERY black and it affected (badly) me for days.

I notice you can get quite a few DVDs on Amazon UK like these for only about 6 - which makes it worth staying in for on a Saturday night n'est ce pas?

Any other suggestions?

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