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Thank you very much to everyone whose postings here have shown my interest in French Culture with a C... when I lived in the London I read French books, studied French philosophy, literature & society, watched French films, went to French art exhibitions & concerts... here in rural France there is relatively little opportunity for such pursuits and I'd dropped them from my life completely until I found the forum... I've not got space in my life or opportunity for all of them but am enjoying the radio, occasional read & dvd enormously as a result.
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And I believe we owe you thanks too, Pucette, for always providing us with such stimulating postings. (You're not leaving us, I hope? That was my initial fear when I read this particular one.) No, don't disclose where you live for I've always hoped you'd ask me to come round and help you sort out all those boxes of books in the barn one day and I don't want anyone else beating me to it!

Now don't forget to log on to Amazon today and order that book that Miki recommends so highly...

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Here are the titles of a couple of books that I have enjoyed reading this Summer:

Easy enough to read and each chapter is a different story about the petit Nicolas.

"Les chasseurs de papillons" by Gilbert Bordes

Story about two young boys set in rural France 1944.

Happy reading


(with apologies for lack of accents)

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