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Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours


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I know, Steve Coogan and Jacky Chan don't immediately make you think "FRANCE", but it is a real French classic by a real dead French writer called Jules Verne.

If the thought of a debagged Chinaman floating through the air past the Eiffel Tower appeals to you at all, this is a film for you.

It did have a couple of cheesy moments, but overall a lot of fun. And plenty of fit young Oriental types strutting their kung-fu stuff, brilliant!

Loved the Chinese village, cringed at how ugly Arnie Sch was in his black wig, wanted to boo-hiss at the nasty baddie in charge of the Science Institute, and felt all tearful at the end, it was just so hap-hap-happy!!!

Yours from the scuzzy end of French clutcher

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