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For those who have British TV, two (or more?) of Truffaut's films are being shown on BBC2 this week. The 20th anniversary of his death is on Oct. 21st.Tuesday at 12.15 am Les Quatre Cents Coups. Thursday at 12.15 am The Woman Next Door. These are uk times -a bit too late for us though we could record them . Pat.
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Pat, just seeing Truffaut's name as a subject on the Forum made my morning.  I'm a huge fan, have been since a young age, to understand what Jean-Pierre Leaud was actually saying was one of my early motivations for learning French.  Remember seeing his films at the old Academy Cinema on Oxford Street long before I was legally old enough to.  Not so sure about the choice of films for the TV showing though.  Les Quatre Cents Coups is a fabulous film but I personally don't believe la Femme d'a Cote is one of his best, though a recent book I read on Truffaut's work argued otherwise.  Suspect Depardieu's appearance may have influenced this selection.

Hope as many of you who can watch these films and comment.


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